360 3D Video Camera

Open-source 3D Printed

More information about this 360 camera here

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  1. Hi there! WeMakeVR.com developed the WeMakeVR-falcon in 2013, and we’ve been creating content ever since. Can I send you more information about it?


    1. Hi Avinash
      Sure, please do. Send me an email to barlowski [at] gmail.com I would be happy to include any more info about 3D camera systems

  2. Hi, I’m a complete beginner and want to purchase as close to an all in one solution as possible for shooting 360 video. I want to use it for events. I dont like the look of the video quality on bubl, ricoh and giroptic. From what I can see a multiple go pro rig seems the best way to go for quality but I’d like to know in your opinion is there any 1080p full HD all in one 360 degree rig available thats not over $2000? thanks

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