3D Printed 360 3D Camera Rig model

Its here! I’m releasing it to the public so more people can try out the rig and see te results.




Project is currently documented on http://360cameraonline.com/

360 video currently is a hard thing to pull of and requires investing in multiple cameras. This concept saves a lot of money considering its using mobius camera instead of expensive GoPro’s (most 360 3D printed rigs are based on GoPro).

3D Printing a camera rig saves a lot of time, and its super hard to manually make this rig so that each lens is exactly at a 51 degree. The rig enables to shoot panoramic 360 3D footage. Lenses are rotated horizontaly for greater field of view.

Based on Jim Watters design 
Prints fine on a standard 20mm x 20mm build plate.


Print stil files.
Buy 14 cheap mobius cameras with wide Lens B + 14 exenstion cables for lens seperation the body of the cameras are out of the way – more compact camera
Put everything together
Add one or two GoPro for top view strap with rubber bands
Figure out a way to start recording all at the same time or use Mobius continuous recording. After 5 minutes of run time all the footage should be in sync. If anyone has an idea how to do this by arduino or any other way let me know!
Enjoy! 🙂

Read more about syncing the cameras using arduino experiments.






Download model from Thingiverse

3 thoughts on “3D Printed 360 3D Camera Rig model”

  1. Hi, do you have any example of 3D 360 video made by this camera rig using Mobius cameras? Id like to see the final result. When I saw saw some examples of classic video made by Mobius cam I didn`t like it very much. I worry that the quality of final 3D 360 video will be very poor. Could you please sent me any example?
    Thanks for your reply.

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