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Nikon kicks of CES 2016 with a 4K 360-degree action camera

Nikon is annoucing a brand new camera line to keep up with competitors. KeyMision360 is a capture action camera that can shoot in every direction. The product is aimed at the professional market, and competitors like goPro should take note. It safe to say that the bigscompanies are taking a swing at 360 VR cameras.  Now lets wait t see sample videos and technical specs. We have to wait and see.  🙂

Some sample videos have been published on Nikon’s YouTube Channel







Why Combine a 360 Camera with Binaural Microphone Head

Shooting 360 video is only half of the story. I know that 360 is a pain right now and getting it to work may be a hassle with all the camera’s, stiching and just about everything can go wrong during the shoot. Because of that most people who are capturing in 360 forget just how important the audio is and don’t focus on it. Read on with you are shooting of thinking about 360 video, we gathered some research and will be soon publishing actual recordings once this rig is complete!

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Probably the most comprehensive list of 3D / 360 Video Camera Rigs

Thefulldomeblog published a fantastic list of 360 cameras worth checking out. Very detailed and in depth analysis of each rig with coverage data, amount of cameras, resolution all devided into sections.  Starting with Comparison of 360° Video Rigs to Unsuccessful 360° camera Kickstarter Projects ending with the history of 360° this is a post worth your time if your are researching what kind of rig should you get.

Google Jump and Go Pro introduce Odyssey 360 camera

The stereoscopic panoramic capture rig created to take your audience on inredible joyrneys. You can check out the video created by the camera below.

The quality and stiching is great, but unfortunately we get blind spots at the top and bottom! This seems a little bit dissapointing considering the camera’s price tag and  what companies are behind the project like GoPro and Google.

Odyssey is available in a limited access program. You will need to sign up in oder to purchase the camera. It has a $15.000 price tag and is targeted to producers and professionals.


STEREOSCOPIC PANORAMIC CAPTURE Records immersive 360˚ 3D video with unrivaled depth perspective for realistic playback on VR devices.
HIGH-RESOLUTION RENDER Jump assembler technology results in incredibly realistic video capture of up to 8K30.
SYNCHRONIZED RIG All 16 HERO4 cameras are synced down to the pixel level to function as one camera.
EXTENDED POWER Ideal for longer recording times and additional power supply in remote locations.
RUGGED ALL-IN-ONE HOUSING Designed to withstand the rigors of professional use.



Dimensions: 294.6mm x 65.8mm

Weight: 6.57kg (14.5lbs)


2.7K 4:3

30 NTSC frames per second, 25 PAL frames per second

Output resolutions (via Jump)

2kx2k over under panoramic MPEG4 video with a bit rate of 150Mbit/s

8kx8k over under panoramic MPEG4 video with a bit rate of 600Mbit/s


h.264 codec, .mp4 file format (after stitch)


16 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (rated at 1160mAh, 3.8V, 4.4Wh) 1

Support for external power(AC/DC) via XLR connector


16 internal microphones: Mono

External microphone support: Stereo supported with 3.5mm Mic Adapter 2 (Zoom H2N external recorder kit included)


What do you get in the box?


To learn more & sign up head to

3D Printed 360 3D Camera Rig model

Its here! I’m releasing it to the public so more people can try out the rig and see te results.




Project is currently documented on

360 video currently is a hard thing to pull of and requires investing in multiple cameras. This concept saves a lot of money considering its using mobius camera instead of expensive GoPro’s (most 360 3D printed rigs are based on GoPro).

3D Printing a camera rig saves a lot of time, and its super hard to manually make this rig so that each lens is exactly at a 51 degree. The rig enables to shoot panoramic 360 3D footage. Lenses are rotated horizontaly for greater field of view.

Based on Jim Watters design 
Prints fine on a standard 20mm x 20mm build plate.


Print stil files.
Buy 14 cheap mobius cameras with wide Lens B + 14 exenstion cables for lens seperation the body of the cameras are out of the way – more compact camera
Put everything together
Add one or two GoPro for top view strap with rubber bands
Figure out a way to start recording all at the same time or use Mobius continuous recording. After 5 minutes of run time all the footage should be in sync. If anyone has an idea how to do this by arduino or any other way let me know!
Enjoy! 🙂

Read more about syncing the cameras using arduino experiments.






Download model from Thingiverse