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Powerfull all-in-one 3D camera by WeMakeVR

We added a interesting new camera to our 360 camera list called WeMakeVR-Falcon. 

Some tech-specs: 

FPS: 60 and 80fps

Viewing angle:360-degree horizontal, 360-degree vertical, so fully upwards and downwards view, without a blind-spot

3D/stereo tech: Native stereoscopic 3D filming, no post-conversion

Resolution: 5500×2750

Power: On-board power-management for longer recording times.

The setups WeMakeVR uses during shoots vary; they got specific setups for filming inside cars, for high, elevated shots, for small, intimate scenes, for crowd-shots, etc. Again, depending on the needs of a specific project we either develop new solutions that we can later use for other projects, or they create one-off solutions if really needed.

WeMakeVR is a pioneering VRX-company (Virtual Reality Experience) that created a stereoscopic camera system and post-production workflow for VR-experiences. This enables us to produce groundbreaking filmed stereoscopic 3D VR experiences with full, unobstructed 360-degree horzontal view, 360-degrees vertical view, and all in stereoscopic 3D imageing.

WeMakeVR video promo

Hacking the Xiaomi Yi Action Camera to get better quality

The Xiaomi Yi action camera was introduced in early 2015. It is similar in many respects to some of the popular GoPro cameras, but costs considerably less (about $70 as of August 2015). Unlike many of the cheap GoPro competitors, the Xioami Yi has an excellent sensor (16 megapixel Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS) and processor (Ambarella A7LS), and is capable of producing excellent images and video. Unfortunately, straight out of the box, its performance isn’t nearly as good as it could be. 

This page has more information on how to Hack the Xiaomi Yi Action

3D 360 Production ready camera by PanoptikonVR

PanoptikonVR released a interesting video showing the workflow needed to shoot immersive 360 video content. They teamed up with a company who helped them build the rig. Erik Caretta the VFX Supervisor on the project claims “it is nothing too complex”. All the files are synchronized, aligned and stiched using software they have developed. The video has to be processed manually and they claim that this get better quality video then automatic solutions. The result is a stereo 3D 360 panorama video.

The rig uses GoPro cameras linked together for syncing. All the cameras are charged by USB hubs. The rig has a fan blowing cool air that helps keep the cameras from getting hot. They claim that a new form of film making is upon us. Stay tuned.

Xiaomi Yi Action Sport camera 3D 360 rig

Recently on reddit user thewiseal shared his experience building a 360 camera on a budget! We all know that getting a bunch of GoPro’s is very costly. His rig is based on Xiaomi Yi Cameras and seems to be working quite well. Take a look at the footage he was able to capture:

Some information about the camera rig (post taken from reddit):

I use 18 Xiaomi Yi cameras shooting 1600×1200 @ 60fps.
12 cameras are arranged in a hexagonal configuration, in pairs of 2 separated by 55mm. The other 6 cameras are arranged in triangular configuration, 3 capturing zenith and 3 capturing nadir. I use this configuration to get a much better 3D effect at the zenith than with 2 cameras, and it also helps with nadir patching. The rig itself is an Adobe Illustrator file that I 3D printed for $20. I’ll be uploading the file along with my comprehensive guide.

Here you can download the 3D 360 version of the footage. You can view this best on a Oculus DK2 using Live View Rift.

You can learn more about this project at

3 awesome 360 Videos you have to see!

3D Printed 360 3D Camera Rig model

Its here! I’m releasing it to the public so more people can try out the rig and see te results.




Project is currently documented on

360 video currently is a hard thing to pull of and requires investing in multiple cameras. This concept saves a lot of money considering its using mobius camera instead of expensive GoPro’s (most 360 3D printed rigs are based on GoPro).

3D Printing a camera rig saves a lot of time, and its super hard to manually make this rig so that each lens is exactly at a 51 degree. The rig enables to shoot panoramic 360 3D footage. Lenses are rotated horizontaly for greater field of view.

Based on Jim Watters design 
Prints fine on a standard 20mm x 20mm build plate.


Print stil files.
Buy 14 cheap mobius cameras with wide Lens B + 14 exenstion cables for lens seperation the body of the cameras are out of the way – more compact camera
Put everything together
Add one or two GoPro for top view strap with rubber bands
Figure out a way to start recording all at the same time or use Mobius continuous recording. After 5 minutes of run time all the footage should be in sync. If anyone has an idea how to do this by arduino or any other way let me know!
Enjoy! 🙂

Read more about syncing the cameras using arduino experiments.






Download model from Thingiverse