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First GoPro Omni reviews are up!

Some time ago GoPro released news about the GoPro Omni Rig. Genlocked cameras packaged in one box are now in the wild and some users have already got the first demo rigs for reviews.

Jeremy Sciarappa has posted on his YouTube channel a complete review of the new system:

Check it out it seems like a complete product but still has some limitations. Shame its not a 3D 360 out of the box, but I guess we will have to wait for that a little longer?

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4 thoughts on “First GoPro Omni reviews are up!”

  1. Thanks for this review. Just ordered an Omni. For shooting indoors, do you (and anyone reading this) have any suggestions about lighting kits?

    1. Hi Robin,

      My name is Polo and I am working for a VR studio in Spain! We are very interested in your experience with Omni. If you don’t mind sparing a minute for us when you are free, please tell us how it was! Filming, post-production, result etc.

      My email:


    2. Practicals. Chinaballs, lamps, stand next to a white wall in sunlight, whatever. Unless you don’t mind lighting rigs in plain sight you have to be clever. There was one case where we were filming in a room full of misted gin and tonic (long story – the stitching process alone requires ages to describe) and we had problems with insufficient light for our Gopro Hero 4’s. Eventually we velcro-ed three rectangular LED banks, cheapies bought on Amazon, one to each leg. They were still visible but in the mist, and with the lights pointing up, they looked interesting. Anyway, the point is, I still have to continually remind myself that EVERYTHING is in shot whenever I come up with some redneck solution to a problem.

  2. Hello Jeremy,

    Watched your videos… great! I hope you can help me out. I am Dutch living on Mallorca Spain and dealing with the folowing “problem”….

    We would like to offfer our clientes (real estate agents and private sellers) a service 360 2d photo or video which we would like to show on You Tube but also with VR goggles at our office to have the VR effect looking around in the house. What in your opion would be the perfect combination for showing houses in- and outside and do you have expercience with goggles? We tried the Samsung gear set (camara and goggles) but it is absolutely not what we are looking for (low res and bad quality). It should be more than acceptable for our purpose which Samsung is not. Doen t need to be high end quality s you know what I meas. I needs to give a good impresion of a property. I was thinking off GoPro Omni with Oculus or HTC goggles. Realy hope you can help me out and give me some advice based on your expercience and knowledge. As here on this Island is it so difficult to find people with your experience.

    Our website now being programmed in CMS, but you can have a sneak preview.

    Kind regards and looking forward to your answer.
    Have a nice newyears eve.

    Ralph de Jong

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