Powerfull all-in-one 3D camera by WeMakeVR

We added a interesting new camera to our 360 camera list called WeMakeVR-Falcon. 

Some tech-specs: 

FPS: 60 and 80fps

Viewing angle:360-degree horizontal, 360-degree vertical, so fully upwards and downwards view, without a blind-spot

3D/stereo tech: Native stereoscopic 3D filming, no post-conversion

Resolution: 5500×2750

Power: On-board power-management for longer recording times.

The setups WeMakeVR uses during shoots vary; they got specific setups for filming inside cars, for high, elevated shots, for small, intimate scenes, for crowd-shots, etc. Again, depending on the needs of a specific project we either develop new solutions that we can later use for other projects, or they create one-off solutions if really needed.

WeMakeVR is a pioneering VRX-company (Virtual Reality Experience) that created a stereoscopic camera system and post-production workflow for VR-experiences. This enables us to produce groundbreaking filmed stereoscopic 3D VR experiences with full, unobstructed 360-degree horzontal view, 360-degrees vertical view, and all in stereoscopic 3D imageing.

WeMakeVR video promo

3 thoughts on “Powerfull all-in-one 3D camera by WeMakeVR”

    1. I got the specifications from WeMakeVR I asked them about more information. Apparently they are going to release a pro-sumer version of the camera later “down the line”. Keep your fingers crossed..

  1. Beste organisatie,

    Ik ben zeer geintresseerd in een goede 360-camera, is er een demo moment mogelijk?
    Is deze camera te huur?
    Wat is de kostprijs?

    Zie met belangstelling jullie reactie tegemoet.

    George van der Heijden

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