Suometry to unveil new 360 camera with 3D real time solution at CES 2019

Suometry is a Montreal-based IP licensing company providing image processing and computer vision solutions. The company claims that by focusing on a unique geometry, Suometry cameras are able to deliver high-quality depth AND stereoscopic 360° video, in less than 25 milliseconds of latency for 4k.

The OmniPolar™ geometry is based on a triangular configuration of fish-eye cameras which, counter-intuitively, face in the same direction. This setup, in combination with a set of stitching algorithms that require very low power, results in the ability to record and stream 360° stereoscopic video in high resolution. Ultimately, this configuration of cameras reduces the non-deterministic three-dimensional stitching problem of 3D 360° video, to a two-dimensional geometrical problem.

Suometry says that their hardware is able to do Real-Time 360 depth. Impressive! We have to wait for CES 2019 where the camera is supposed to be shown to the public.

You can see the camera sample video below:

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