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Why Combine a 360 Camera with Binaural Microphone Head

Shooting 360 video is only half of the story. I know that 360 is a pain right now and getting it to work may be a hassle with all the camera’s, stiching and just about everything can go wrong during the shoot. Because of that most people who are capturing in 360 forget just how important the audio is and don’t focus on it. Read on with you are shooting of thinking about 360 video, we gathered some research and will be soon publishing actual recordings once this rig is complete!

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Powerfull all-in-one 3D camera by WeMakeVR

We added a interesting new camera to our 360 camera list called WeMakeVR-Falcon. 

Some tech-specs: 

FPS: 60 and 80fps

Viewing angle:360-degree horizontal, 360-degree vertical, so fully upwards and downwards view, without a blind-spot

3D/stereo tech: Native stereoscopic 3D filming, no post-conversion

Resolution: 5500×2750

Power: On-board power-management for longer recording times.

The setups WeMakeVR uses during shoots vary; they got specific setups for filming inside cars, for high, elevated shots, for small, intimate scenes, for crowd-shots, etc. Again, depending on the needs of a specific project we either develop new solutions that we can later use for other projects, or they create one-off solutions if really needed.

WeMakeVR is a pioneering VRX-company (Virtual Reality Experience) that created a stereoscopic camera system and post-production workflow for VR-experiences. This enables us to produce groundbreaking filmed stereoscopic 3D VR experiences with full, unobstructed 360-degree horzontal view, 360-degrees vertical view, and all in stereoscopic 3D imageing.

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